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This was such a conflicting mix bag of emotions for me. There was so much to unpack here as it upholds a system of discrimination and endorses gender stereotypes, fatphobia, sexism, colorism, casteism, classism… whilst trying to promise clients some kind of ‘happily every after’… if they comply with the rules.

The show follows Sima Taparia, a professional matchmaker from Mumbai, as she jets around the world for searching and fixing potentially compatible clients.

Now, I’m a huge fan of LOVE… I love love, and everything associated with it, so I was super excited to finally watch this, especially as it’d give us an insight to Indian culture, but not when women “are told to “adjust and compromise" or are told they’re “too negative” when looking for a comparable mate [maybe these were slightly triggering] whilst a 26-year-old mummy’s boy is (practically) dragged in to marriage, by his mother.

I enjoyed watching the clients as they awkwardly navigated through dates and family meetings - I obviously want everyone to be happy - as a feminist parts had me screaming at the TV in rage. Nadia, Aparna and Anika deserve the world! Why is marriage the only answer. anyway, no-one is FORCED to marry so it’s interesting to see a ‘middleman’ perpetuating what many in the ‘western’ world have been doing in society anyway… Tinder and Love Island have entered the chat.


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